Adding Name to Rolodex

I constantly toss the idea back and forth in my mind. Should I work once again in Corporate America or should I not? I often have nightmares of being in an office cubicle somewhere screaming, “I’m a pet sitter! Let me out of here!”

Oh, yes, I realize I have more senior moments than I used to. And, oh yes, I take one more trip around the block to make sure I closed a customer’s garage door as I can’t remember if I closed it moments before. However, I am thorough! That does count, right?

I’m writing more notes to myself. I never miss an opportunity to let others know how I can make their pet(s) more comfortable and content than any other person on the planet! (Other than maybe the Dog Whisperer, but, come to think of it, I’d even include him on my…I-can-do-better-than-that list! Because he’s a dog/people behavior specialist; I’m a sitter. Big difference! Although as a pet sitter, knowing 'dog and cat' psychology is a plus. On assignments, never think like a person, think like the dog or cat. Found this to be quite helpful.)

So what if I spin the block one more time? I can proudly say I’ve never misplaced a dog or put a cat in the fridge by mistake! I ask myself again: how can I improve my level of income? Let’s see. I could begin production on a new reality show called, “I’m a pet sitter! Get me out of here!” Or perhaps write a book called: Tales of the Tails, The Chronicles of a Pet Sitter! But then, wham! The real reality sets in. I ask myself yet another question: which shall it be: a show, a book, a return to Corporate America, or add a new customer to my list? The right answer is adding a new customer’s name to the rolodex! Reality wins every time!


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