A Top Cat Who Needs His Space

The year was 1994 when I was first introduced to Murphy, my all-time favorite top cat. His mom, Mary, to this day tells me stories about him. When she brushes him, she tells him to lift his arm so she can get the rats out from his armpits. And, he’ll do it. (Actually I found out later from her note about Murphy that he was only stretching.) To me, he always acted more like a dog than a cat and I never knew why. Could it be his magnetic personality and how he’d watch television to learn more about being so smart?

In my early days of my pet sitting, I remember visiting him and he’d always be so stand offish. He’d hiss and spat at me. I knew, right then and there, he needed his space. Although, when I’d visit on his good days, he’d do a swooshing-purr stroll around my legs and be so lovey-dovey; honestly though, I often wondered if it was his way of thrusting an evil plan to do me in!

I’ve kept the original pictures and letters from him (his mom) in my Critter Sitters album and just got an email the other day of an updated picture of him. Now that they live in Tennessee, his mom tells me there are now two chocolate labs that Murphy shares the home with and it made me laugh when Mary told me about his antics to knock them around a bit so they know he’s boss! He’s sure to be in the book I anticipate writing: Tales of the Tails: The Chronicles of a Pet Sitter! His chapter, no doubt, will be jam-packed with adventure! He’s still one top cat at the ripe, old age of 18!


Kathryn Neff Perry said...

I loved this blog! I had a cat who lived to be 20----she used to slap my Rottweiler all the time, just to keep him in place! Someone threw her in a ditch---like trash when she was about 4 weeks old---we found her and loved her for over 20 years! Thanks for reminding me about her!

Crittersister said...

Aw! Katt...that's wonderful she lived to be 20! I know you must have fond memories of her. I love hearing stories like this.

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