What to Look for in a Veterinarian

Before turning to the phone or Internet directory to call a veterinarian, stop and consider some points to assist you in the selecting the best veterinarian for YOU and your pet.

Most veterinarians can give the proper routine maintenance for your pet, but if you want someone who offers many different options and services; stop, ask, and consider these points before making that call:

If possible, visit the veterinarian’s office before your appointment and observe the atmosphere and staff.

Do I like this veterinarian’s “bed-side manner”? Is he/she easy to talk to and understand? What are the credentials of the staff and technological advancements of the office or clinic?

What arrangements does this office or clinic make for emergencies? Is someone there 24-hours a day, 7 days a week?

Do the hours of the clinic or office fit your schedule? Does this veterinarian offer other services that you require?

Recommendations from other pet owners may be excellent, but keep in mind, what’s good for them may not necessarily be good for you or your pet.

In addition to finding out about office and telephone hours, fee schedules, emergency and boarding policies and any other services, pet owners should ask what is expected of them to make this relationship a successful one.

These are just a few thoughts and questions to ponder before selecting your veterinarian. Remember – this relationship you are establishing will last possibly many years so be comfortable with your decision.


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