A.D.D. in Dogs

It’s powerful enough to tumble tall buildings, long enough to sail a boat to China, and sweet enough to melt anyone’s heart! What is it? The bone-chilling stare of a dog or another name for it is: The Aggravated Dog Disorder or A.D.D.! Does your dog have it?

The A.D.D. symptoms vary with breeds. My dog Booger has it! Her symptoms began during her formative years and progressed rapidly into her aging ones. To suppress this disorder, my husband and I, as her parents, must adhere to a strict routine.

First thing in the morning, Booger must be let outside to do her duty. Then, she requires breakfast preparation of a combination of kibble, ½ can of Pedigree “Prime Rib” flavor (or another one of her favorites) chopped-up fine and served along side water, preferably with ice cubes. Immediately after breakfast, she wants her two cookies. If by chance the cookies are forgotten, then the cold, hard stare begins with a whimper or two which usually does the trick to alert us to the fact that we forgot the cookies. And we don’t try to fool her by just giving her one cookie because she knows the difference. “What’s the matter with you people? Are you trying to aggravate me? This is not getting any easier as I age!” indicates her dialogue (if she could talk), although her disgust shows quite clearly with just a look that would stop a clock.

If you surmise that your dog may have A.D.D., check for any unusual behavior as symptoms may go undetected for years before being diagnosed, and not by its veterinarian, but by you, its parent. Be gentle and patience as your dog ages because one day you’ll wish those A.D.D. days were back again!


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