Gone Squirrel Fishin'

I’m reeling it in nice and easy. Gotta move real slow, I think he’s gonna nab it! Nah! He scampered away! I’ve been squirrel fishin’ for a few days, but stopped to give some free sunflower seeds to my little squirrelly friend. He loves pickin’ out the seeds and eatin’ ‘em. He buries ‘em too!

If you don’t have a regular fishin’ pole, use a long stick and attach some string to one end and tie on a shelled peanut. It’s a new fangled way to get close to those little fellows, but never close enough to pet ‘em, ‘cause they’re still wild! After observing individual squirrels, I have found most squirrels are right-brain dominant. If squirrels, like humans, are guided by right, left brain theories, here is the general philosophy: “Right-brain dominants are guided by the more emotional, intuitive right hemisphere while left-brainers respond in sequential, logical ways, guided by the left hemisphere.”

If my squirrel is a left brainer, he’ll know to bite into the string and free the peanut, but if he’s a right brainer, he might stand up on his hind legs and try to get the shelled peanut off the stick. It’s great fun to watch him and he trails along after it for the longest time and never tires. Now the trick for me is to have someone take the picture while I’m reelin’ the peanut!

Squirrel fishin’ is a healthy, no-fat diet exercise for the squirrel and endless entertainment for me! Our neighbor Roger found a black squirrel for a pet. He got him to take a peanut right out of his hand. I’m still leery about that! But, I’m postin’ my sign today, it reads: Gone Fishin’…(for ‘right-brain’ squirrels!)


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