Taking Care of Business

At our house we used to spell out the word “walk” or just say a “w”. Because when someone said: “Wanna go for a walk?” They had better meant business!

Booger, our Boxer-Lab mix, was ready and set to go! Her ears perked up and her hind legs crouched ready to speed out the door. It’s good exercise and a great way to take care of business. How else can it be said nicely? I'd have my sandwich bags folded in my pocket ready to pick up on our designated route. Picking up was a good habit to get into and to stay on the good side of the non-dog neighbors.

One day, when we were out on one of our walks, Booger decided to do her “business” on a lady’s lovely lawn. Definitely an adamant dog watcher, this lady knew exactly when Booger dropped the business on her property. She was out the door yelling that she didn’t like dogs “messing” (I think that’s the word she used) in her yard! Well, all I had to do was wave my sandwich bag and she settled right down.

Sometimes there’s no warning when a dog's ready to do business, but I would  always try to lead my dog to an appropriate area if I knew she was ready to go. I didn’t blame that lady for being upset. I don’t like dogs doing their business in my yard either. Leaving a dog’s business is just not politely right! Now-a-days, it’s probably best to use a biodegradable bag or a scooper for pick up.

So…dog walkers listen up, be armed and ready – carry a scooper or baggy next wanna-go-for-a-walk time! Taking care of business is the right thing to do!

day, Booger is 16-years-old and isn't able to go on walks. She tries so hard to do the right thing and do her business outdoors, but it doesn't always happen that way. Thank God her droppings are solid and easily picked up. She leaves what I call the pellet trail and bless her heart...she's still taking care of business the best way she knows how. God love her!


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