North End Dog

I got out my 'Critter Sitter' scrapbook the other day and was looking through it and read again the newspaper story about this famous and notorious runaway. 

He was known as the great escape artist, the North End Dog. He was on the run for two years and had been spotted from downtown to uptown to all around town. He was the Humane Society's worst nightmare.

Finally when he was captured, due to his numerous escapes and on-the-run lifestyle, the Humane Society was going to put him down. My sister spoke up for him and said, "He made it on his own for two years and you're just going to kill him? This dog is not vicious; he's the sweetest dog." After that statement, she was given temporary custody and boarded him at a local kennel (as hers was filled).

As soon as the story hit the newspapers, 'North End Dog' got a forever home. Appropriately his new human parents named him, 'Ned'. This is just one of many happy tales of tails. I'm hoping and praying more stories will have happy endings like this one.

Putting down my scrapbook, I wondered if Ned is still around and how he might be doing as that story was from 1994. I was hit too with the thought...could he have tried to escape again? However, I doubt it because I think all he really wanted was a family to love and understand him.


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