This Petsitter and Social Media

Well, yeah! Sure! I want people to follow my social media steps wherever they may go! Although I'm not a real computer whiz 'kid' (Heck, I sure do love that term 'kid' in describin' myself!).
 Although with the PUPS' website/blog, I had to hire someone to design it with every 'cool' thing that needs placed there. So I called on Molly to do the assignment. She's helpful and knows her stuff about social media and pets! She's the 'Pet Web Pro' and the name fits, for sure!

As a petsitter, I have lots to learn about everything in the pet world. There is no one who knows it all or has all the answers. Although, wouldn't it be nice if someone did?! So many pet issues that need addressing, and, in actuality, only God knows for sure about a pet's outcome in life!

I was thinking...wouldn't it be cool to 'follow' a certain pet on, i.e. twitter and facebook, all its life? It would be fun to see how it would fare in this world by technology standards! For certain, Boog Dog would 'fetch' and 'dogpile'...without a doubt! Hey, gotta catch up with ya later...Boog Dog and me are in the midst of conversing on this subject in detail, it might take a while. In the interim, why not visit PUPS' website/blog?


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