Teach Your Children Well...

Katy's parents taught her to respect and care for pets in the proper fashion.
One sees it all the time. A dog running loose, no tags, no sign of the human parent anywhere. At one time, he belonged to someone. What were the circumstances? Was he not trained properly and ran away? Did he wander off without the pet parent's knowledge? There could be a hundred reasons why this person is no where to be found.

We like to give the benefit of the doubt to the pet parent, but what happens if this person just doesn't want the responsibility and lets him go. It's a sad state of affairs and should never happen, but it does all the time.

When one takes on the responsibility of a pet, he/she should know what's involved and that it's a time-consuming task to train and nurture a dog to be a well-trained and faithful companion.

This is why it is important to teach your children well about the difficulties and joys of pet parenthood.


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