There'll Never Be Another Booger

There is a slight hesitation going up the stairs. It's as if my dog Booger says, "You got my back end now, don't you? I don't want to fall again!" Our dog Booger is 15 and has lost most of the use of her hind legs, the muscles are almost gone and has dwindled to just bone.

How does one know it's time for a pet to be euthanized? I thought about this many times and I'm sure my husband Pat has thought this too. My theory is one just knows when it's time. When I see Booger falling down with most of her steps, I know it's time. I don't want her to break one of her spindly legs and be in pain. She's still a fighter, but it appears her body has given up the battle before her mind.

Booger was there for us for many comforting years and she will always be in our hearts and there's no denying that.

We love you Booger and may God give me the courage and peace to do what I have to do next! There'll never be another Booger!


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