Aw! She Looks Like Grandpa!

It's been said many times that dogs look like their human parents (or grandparents in this case). When daughter Nancy and her husband Karl broke the news about a new addition to their family, we were eager to see the little bundle of joy!

They told us her name is Isis and she is named after a Greek goddess. How adorable I thought. Didn't think too much about how dogs resemble people until I saw Isis and my husband Pat together for the first time. Reality hit! Wow! They really do look alike! 

After she arrived into the Casey household, the congratulations were in order and so were the passing out cigars. However, there will never be any cigars for this Greek goddess! She's feminine through and through despite her breed's manly characteristics. When she walks, she has a sexy twist, a very deliberate one I might add! (Just like her Momma Nancy!) Her pushed-in nose, sagging jowls, and freckled snout are her cutest features along with her short, stubby legs and chubby, wrinkly body.

Her most endearing quality is her desire to please despite her stubbornness. When it comes to discipline and manners, her dad Karl is in charge of this department. He's good and quick to hand out the rules and etiquette. Thank God for Karl! 

There are a couple of things Isis needs to work on though. She needs to refrain from burping and passing gas after she eats without excusing herself! All the family is trying to figure out how to help her with this. Actually, I don't think she cares if she's polite or not. It appears to just come naturally for her to belch and blast! 

If one of my artist friends was to illustrate a cartoon narrative, it would feature all the family sitting around the living room with Isis sleeping on Grandpa Pat's lap. Then all of a sudden, Grandpa waves his arms in front of his nose and gruffly says: "Isis, would you please go to doggie door and continue outside?! Whew, doggies!", as he grabs one of the newly acquired gas masks! 

All in all, though, Isis is growing into a fine English Bulldog. What more could doggie grandparents ask for? Now, it's time for Dad and Grandpa to pass out those cigars (and gas masks)!


Sarah said...

That is one adorable puppy you have there (and grandpa too!)

(I am a new follower from the hop, I would love if you could visit me

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

This post is great---and so funny! I love what you are doing to help our "furry" friends. My "boyz" are my babies!
Bless you my friend!

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