Boojee's Butter Blunder

Unknowingly snooty, snobby, and far above the rest…that’s boojee! That’s my cat! No question, it’s the perfect name for her. We welcomed Boojee into our family a couple of weeks ago and what a joy she’s been! Despite her boojeeness (I think I just invented that word!), she’s one cat that caught my tongue in a bit of a tease.

After having Booger our dog as a family member for almost 16 years, I find cats so different, especially Boojee. She climbs onto everything! Usually I leave my butter out on the counter. Today I noticed Boojee walking on my counter! Wonder if she licked the butter? Never was I concerned about my Booger in the butter! Now I have to get a cover for the butter. Boojee in my butter makes me bitter.

Boojee’s bored with this bad rap about butter. Because she knows who butters her bread. She pays no mind to this old bitty who knows when her butter’s been battered. Boojee stay out of my butter! I’m not talking baited butter, but I know my Booger was better when it came to butter. Although Boojee's betting she’s the one better in this butter battle.

Beggin’ for butter is not in Boojee’s bated breathe. This blending ‘b’ buzz boasts quite a bold ballad because of Boojee in the butter! Would a bet or a bop from Betty Boop make one read Boojee’s butter blunder backwards? Maybe on a boring blog!


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