Pep Talk, Bowl of Oatmeal Is All It Took...

What does it take to motivate you? For me, it used to be a trip to Mel's Diner, Gatlinburg, TN...but NOW, I found out that two super-hyped, physically-fit friends and a bowl of oatmeal can do it for me! Yep! Changed my life immediately! Now, how long will it last? Only time will tell. However, I haven't slowed down since breakfast which consisted of a bowl of oatmeal with pecans and cranberries, water and a cup of coffee! How many "Weight Watchers" (WW) points have I mounted? Don't know, but I'm 'bout ready to get back on the wagon and give it another try. No commitment, yet, Alyce...just mentally working my way back to WW...hopefully will be there physically SOON!


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