Spending Time with My Friend Chloe

Absolutely love it when I petsit for Chloe! She's a little rescued dachshund whose home now is with a couple who treat her like their child. They spoil her rotten. She lives with them in a huge house with a big screen TV with surround sound. When I come to care for Chloe, it's like a vacation!

Chloe may be spoiled, but she is so sweet. She's got star qualities! I tell her that all the time. Matter-of-fact, she reminds me of the movie star Lauren Hutton. In this picture, she is smiling, but you cannot see the space between her teeth, but it's there! It's the Lauren Hutton space-between-the-teeth smile. Miss Hutton was a famous model before starring in films and on television. I tell Chloe she is the next Hollywood discovery. I tell her that the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" is destined to place her pawprint next to Lauren's signature on the Board Walk. Both Chloe and Lauren share a physical trait that makes them stand out among the rest. It's only fitting that they share this honor. This sweet, little dachshund  listens to my every word!

Chloe loves to watch movies with me. Last evening, we watched "An Affair to Remember" with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, twice! I tell her I have the best job in the world. Nothing like being paid to watch movies with a good friend! Chloe's choice for next time is "Hotel for Dogs". Although I told her I will not watch the movie, "Marley and Me"...it's too emotional. She agreed.


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