Don't Forget Grass Roots Organizations

Hi! Thank you for the opportunity to blow off steam! It's one of those days! Why is it that the smaller grass root organizations have the most difficult time raising funds? They are really the back bone of this nation!! Oh, granted, some of the bigger organizations come off that it's always, "woe is me!" but let's think about it?

The Red Cross is one of the biggest nonprofits in the world and they help lots of people. That's great! But: why should their CEO be paid millions? Our military does so much more and look at their salaries!

The Humane Society of the United States is one of the biggest nonprofit animal organizations in the world. But: why should their CEO be paid a huge salary? When a local rescue wonders where the next bag of dog or cat food is coming from or how the veterinarian bills will be paid.

Why does it seem like the smaller grass root organizations suffer? Smaller organizations are not getting the help that they deserve.

This is a plea for the public to consider. Who are you giving your money to and whom is the money mostly benefiting? Do some checking before you so readily give, a valid question all should ask before donating.

Here are some grass roots Ohio rescues and shelters who deserve your donation:

In His Hands Sanctuary, St. Paris, OH
Miami Valley Dog Rescue, New Carlisle, OH
Cat Welfare of Ohio, Dublin, OH
Rescue Me Ohio
Ohio Alleycat Resource and Spay/Neuter Clinic, Cincinnati, OH
Adore-a-Bull Rescue, Cincinnati, OH
PAWS Shelter, Urbana, OH
Backyard Dog Project
Pets Uniting People Society, Springfield, OH

Check these nonprofits out on facebook or Google their name for more information. Or email me, Crittersister at: and I will make sure you get their mailing address.


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