Seeking a Good Life for Taz

Received an email just one week ago from a man who said he had to relinquish his dog Taz. This made me sad. I hate it when things don't work out for a dog and his family. P.U.P.S. is not really a rescue, but an educational network for pet protection; however, from time-to-time we receive requests such as this.

Since we don't have a kennel facility for dogs, I network with local animal advocates to see if there is someone who is willing to help in this endeavor. Fortunately, by a referral from Dottie Smiddy, I found Vickie Razor. Vicki is a dog trainer and foster who knows so much about dogs and their behavior. I know Taz will get a new lease on life with a person like Vickie in charge of finding him just the right home.

Vickie is part of the "Miami Valley Dog Rescue" group and I am so fortunate that they are willing to help us with Taz. Check out their website here.

Miami Valley Dog Rescue

Stay tune for updates about Taz.


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