Why I am a Social Media Journalist

Even though I have dogs and cats on my blog banner doesn't mean I write just about pets. Now that I am retired from pet sitting, I ponder about much that's happened in my life and what is yet to happen. I try to live just one day at a time. One of my favorite scriptures: "Do not boast about tomorrow...for you do not know what a day may bring forth." Proverbs 27:1.

I am on facebook too much and must move away gradually and start writing more magazine articles, one to other publishers as I don't want to start another magazine. 

Here are 10 things I find that I like about facebook:

10. Love “talking” with my friends

 9.  Love networking with others with like interests

 8.  Love author contacts who are my mentors for the book I wish to write

 7.  Love quotations and Scriptures offered by Christian friends

 6.  Love the quizzes that keeps my mind alert

 5.  Love the thought that many of my family members who are not close in miles are brought together with the Internet

 4.  Love and find it amazing that I can correspond with someone across the globe instantly through facebook.

 3.  Love finding new network friends

 2.  Love the option of debate when it comes to political issues…bring issues up that politicians fail to mention

 1.  Love the love that’s shared here most of all! J

Here's are some of the links to stay in touch with this Critter Sister: 


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