New Year, New Promise

Carolyn (left) and sister Judy
In my opinion, blogging is much better than jogging. My promise is to blog routinely and not get side-tracked.

This year, I have made a commitment to write in this blog every week. No, I'm not going to say everyday, 'cause it won't happen.

So, let's begin the writing practice! It will be fun.

The picture I placed with this post is one that was taken at Cheryl & Co. (cookie company) back in 1997. The company where my husband worked supplied Cheryl & Co. with their boxes so he was invited to their open house for their new building. The theme was geared towards pets so he took me and my sister knowing how we both love animals and were pet sitters. It was a super fun event and many friendships were made.

Since that day, many roles have changed. Pat retired, Cheryl is no longer at the helm at Cheryl & Co., and I'm not a pet sitter anymore (well, at least not as much). My sister Judy still pet sits and surprisingly keeps the pace with all the other things she does in her daily routine. Wow! She always has worked rings around me. I get bogged down with physical labor...can't take the wear-and-tear on my muscles and bones! I'd prefer to sit at a computer all day. That's my labor of love.

These days, I write about new friends I've made with Pets Uniting People Society and their roles with helping animals. We all have something we can do. It may not be "hands-on" with the animals themselves, but it can be in some way helping animals for their care or help the people who do care for them. That's what makes me happy, knowing I am making a difference in some way in people and animals' lives.

So will you please join me in a commitment? Make a commitment to do something for the benefit of animals and/or people who love them today. You'll be so glad you did. Life is too short to do nothing.

It's a new year, so make the promise along with me, do something to make a difference in a person's or pet's life. Be a blessing! Until next time...

Happy Blogging...from yours truly,


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