Wacky Wednesdays Bowling

Eileen, Pat's sister, going for the spare
Pat got a strike on this one!
Here I am! Hahaha!

Tom gets strikes a lot. He's experienced!
We "compete" against Eileen (Pat's sister) and her husband Tom. This week, Pat and I did fairly well. Oh, yeah, the first week when we walked in the bowling alley, we noticed immediately it has been a long, long time since we've bowled. Why, yes, everything's technically advanced, even in bowling! No more of those paper score sheets and wondering if you added correctly. Great strides ahead or should I say great strikes! Wacky, we are, no happy hump day junk for us! We're retired!!!

In regards to the break in my blog, it was remedied pretty easily. I'm sure glad I figured out what was wrong. I don't give up easy. So, writing will occur routinely here in my journal. And, since it's a public blog, I don't mind if anyone reads it. It's good writing practice for me. Besides, it's a good mental picture of what I do each week and much better than facebook. That way I document that I'm still kicking...or bowling...or golfing...or whatever I am attempting to do at age 63. My mom thought 63 was young! It's been said that 60 is today's 40. Personally, I don't believe this, but it does sound nice!

Have a wacky week, y'all!


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