5 Ideas for a Better World

What a great idea!? Writing in a blog! Since I’ve started writing again, I’ve had no trouble thinking about what to write. I just look around. There’s always something to spout-off about in my world.

Here are my 5 (thoughts) ideas for a better world:

1.         Listen to More Country Music and Eat More Eggs!

Alan Jackson penned a number one hit after 9/11, “Where were you when the world stop turning?” I think everyone can relate to that song. I am all for those toe-tapping and fun-loving songs too! For me, it does make the world turn just a little better. Country songs always have words of life, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

And, those Chick-fil-A restaurants have my vote for one of the best deterrents for not eating beef, so creative. Right up there with Geico! That makes for a better world, especially for cows, not so much for chickens! Speaking of chickens, I have a friend who has nine “golden nuggets”. That’s how she refers to the entire brood. She named her “nine nuggets” (hens) after country stars, i.e. Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Emmylou Harris, Mother Maybelle Carter, June Carter Cash, Roanne Cash, and Reba McIntyre. The best and one who lays the largest eggs is Dolly Parton! She says she’s even okay with eating her own chickens when they stop laying. However, she doesn’t eat eggs, but she likes country music! Bet the brood loves country music too!

2.         Spend Time with a Pet

If you don’t have a pet, perhaps you should think about acquiring one. Think long and hard before you decide, don’t acquire one on an impulse.

Just think…you’ll have a friend who will love you unconditionally, just like God. And, if you acquire a dog, it’s world category name or kind is God spelled backwards. How could one go wrong with a
friend like that?!!

Maybe you don’t have the time to give a dog, what about a cat? They offer unconditional love too, really they do! My cat thinks she’s a dog. She’ll come when I call her and follows me from room to room.

One is more likely to be healthier with a pet. Oh, yes! Have high blood pressure? Having a pet and loving your pet will lower your blood pressure. It’s a proven fact!

 If life situations keep you from having a pet, volunteer at a shelter or sanctuary.

3.         Clear the Clutter

Clear the clutter in your mind and your life. Best advice regarding clutter is don’t  watch too much television, especially the news! Especially depressing is what the President does while in office, not talking democrat, republican or independent…I’m talking all candidates and the one who wins the election, never do anything worthwhile in office, really. There is so much government waste and no one ever does anything about it. Why? I remember simple words that won a homemaker a contest back in the 50's and still rings true today...Contest question: what would you do if you were President? She wrote (I wish I knew her name...this is from memory of what my mom told me):

"If I were President of the United States, I would administer to the office as a housewife to her home...throw out what is not usable, mend what is broken, and do the best with what I have!"

Great idea! Doesn’t anyone understand how simple it is, just clear the clutter!

4.         Spend Time with Family or Favorite Friends

It’s been said so many times “no one on their death bed said they wished they spent more time at the office!” Most everyone says family meant the most in all their life. Maybe not all have a pleasant family, but surely one can seek friends who are supportive and encouraging! Sometimes our facebook friends can be the ones most needed in our hour of need. Choose friends wisely.
5.         Be God-Fearing

Keep alert to biblical prophesy and be wise to the Scriptures. Attend a bible-based church to learn more about eternity and what we will do there. Our church is beginning a Sunday school lesson on what Heaven will be like. Fascinating subject matter for me! What about you?


Reflection for this day:  As in the song, “Where Were You When the World Stop Turning?” 1 Corinthians 13:13, “Meanwhile these three remain: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love.” On this earth, we have faith and hope…but believers have God’s love for an eternity!!



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