Pets Uniting People Society

In 2010, after Pets Uniting People Society was formed, I didn't realize the difference it would make not only in my life, but lives of other people too. Pets Uniting People Society, or P.U.P.S. as we are so often called, is a proactive group, especially in social media.

When I see how people are united because of pets, it makes me smile. Dottie, a P.U.P.S. board member's wife, who has the column "Dot's Connection" in our P.U.P.S. Digest newsletter has made so many friends because of her love of pets and her desire to find homes for kittens that come across her path. One friend on facebook said: "If wasn't for my cat, I wouldn't have met Dottie!" Her cat was adopted from Dottie. Isn't it great that pets really do unite people and make such a difference in our lives?

On the other hand, it's unbelievable how many pets (especially cats) are abandoned every day. In a throw-away society, P.U.P.S. wants to bring awareness to the pet protection and how our community we can make a difference each day. Will you help us? Contact: P.U.P.S., Box 49, Tremont City, OH 45372 or online at

We want to help make pets and people's lives better everyday!


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