It's Easy for the Big Ask

Well, it's been a few months since I've written. I hope you didn't miss me too much. The last few months have been busy. We had our P.U.P.S. Spring fundraiser which wasn't too bad...could have done a bit better, but it was a great and fun experience! No, it wasn't a 5K run, but a small business conference to help raise funds for animals and people who love them in this county. Thought a business fair would be a different thing to do...anyway, that one's over and now it's time to move onto the next project.

Here's my big ask: to bring Mike Rowe & Freddie here for our fall fundraiser! Yes, I've been dreaming that Mike and Freddie would tote our marquee for our biggest fundraiser of the year! Wow!

Here's my open letter to Mike & Freddie:

Please come to Clark County, OH, home of many cows, cornfields, and free-roaming cats! We are a quaint town that offers some cool stuff too like the Westcott House and Hartman's Rock Garden. And Freddie would love our new Central Bark! Mike, you would too! You'd being staying the night at our Courtyard by Marriott that showcases our downtown nicely. And, if they don't let Freddie stay, he could be pampered by Wags N Wiggles or treated like a king at King's Kennels. We can do it up right for you! Do you think you can make it?

I tried calling your agent and he just gave me the run-around and said, "Well, Mike's a busy guy and doesn't accept speaking engagements much anymore because of his new TV show, but for this type of gig, the fee would be $250,000!" What? No, Mike...say it ain't so! I know Freddie would want you to reconsider. His animal kin and the people who love them wants you to remember your humble beginnings, back to the lean days, when you had 8 minutes to give a impromptu about a No. 2 pencil. It's that day that lead you to stardom. That's the Mike we want! Ah, come on, Mike, do it for Freddie! We can even make it on a Friday for Freddie!

Somebody's gotta do it! God knows it's no dirty job, just a big easy! Hope you accept our invitation!


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