Why Dogs are Superheroes

by Suzanne Hibbard Nuzum

Superhero Zeke!
There are people out there who call themselves “dog” people, and then there are those who just don’t quite understand. I am most certainly a “dog” person. As dog owners, we have a strong responsibility to take care of our dogs. They rely on us for everything and humans are considered the caregiver.

While all this is true, I think that we lose sight of the care that our dogs provide us. For me personally, the feeling I get each time I come home and am greeted by my dog is pretty fantastic. In fact, I would take it one step further and say that I think dogs have pretty amazing powers, otherwise how can a lick on the face, wag of the tail, and snuggle be so mood altering?

Dogs seem to have the power to turn things around. We all have bad days, but coming home to a dog that waits all day to see you is pretty incredible. How can your troubles not disappear when you are encountered by so much pure joy and love?

Truth is…we are not the only caregiver. Dogs are much more insightful then they get credit for. It’s been said that dogs not only feed off our human energy, but also, they have the ability to react to our energy. Sometimes, it is as though they know what we need more than we do.
Suzanne and Zeke
The power of dogs also extends to forgiveness. As humans, we could learn a lot from the way dogs forgive. Sadly, there are so many dogs out there that have been victims of abuse and neglect by humans, yet they harbor no hate. They want nothing more than a second chance to give all the love in their hearts. They do not turn their backs on the world. They still have hope. It is for these reasons that whether or not you are a “dog” person…I challenge anyone to say that dogs are not superheroes!





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